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in which we go visit Warby Parker’s flagship store on Greene Street

So on a bright new spring day last week, I got my little (well, not so little these days) self together to go run around Manhattan all afternoon. My first stop was eyewear emporium Warby Parker, where I met up with my bff Brian Magida who does blogger outreach.


I decided that ladylike layering was they to longevity. I had too many places to go and I just wanted to look professional. I decided on my Kate Spade retro black rose dress (it has pockets), a black turtleneck, and my fave red Kensie clothing cardigan. Accessories? My Speedy handbag from Kensie and Irenea boots from Cat Footwear. The sparkly necklace came from my friend Kelly Hodrick who sells Cloe + Isabel online and it’s $58.

Was I ready? Yeah.


This is what the house looked like after Hurricane Faith got through dithering through skin, hair, and makeup.  After all that I still ended up with lipstick on my teeth.


I met up with Brian at the 121 Greene Street Store in Soho and got the rundown on Warby Parker. The decor was inspired by public spaces like banks and railway stations- solid, dependable places that usually echo greco-roman architecture.


The counters have timelines so that consumers can follow the development of the brands phenomenal rise to success.


This is that eyeglass store that you maybe dreamed of in some crazy ‘when I grow up’ style fantasy. You can walk up to the walls and pick as many glasses as you like, try them on in a full length mirror so that you can actually see how the glasses look with your style, and then? No one makes you put them back. Leave them on the counter, no stress.


I also immediately fell in love with the fact that WP remembers that most of us strained our eyes reading in the dark. There are books everywhere in this store. Books as part of the decor and books for sale and pamphlets telling you the best places to go sit and read them. Not only do the glasses make you look smarter, but they actually have books to um…make you smarter.


Brian told me that WP developed this appointment board to mimic the arrival/departures boards found in train stations and airports. It’s so Mad Men chic to me. This is a great shot right? Can you believe that I shot this with a cameraphone, because I’m still bowled over by how awesome my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active‘s 16mp camera works. I love the way the sun flares around the sign and how the cool and warm lighting is perfectly balanced.

Sorry, got a little photo techie on you guys. Onward!


I love this waiting area, which is in keeping with the 60s vibe of the front of the store. There’s a skylight , palm plants, and the kind of furniture only seen in banks and doctor’s offices. It’s serene, beautifully, and seriously playful. It’s like the portal to adult living. I love it. You know you’re in ‘official’ territory, but they don’t make you feel awkward or weird. It’s the accoutrements of stuffy society unstuffed.

duckworth newton warby1

Can you believe that these glasses are $99 and $145? That includes single vision lenses.

warby2warby3 warby4

This is me trying on glasses, cutting up. I have never been able to do this and it’s so much fun. Mots places have that little mirror and it’s only for your face, but I wear glasses with my whole body. I put them on and that’s the last note for my look, so it’s better to see how your frames will look with your style and your hair in a realistic manner.

I admit to getting a tad bit carried away, but I was feeling it, ok? If you’re not an exhibitionist like me, you ca always do the Warby Parker Home Try-On. You can pick out 5 pairs of glasses online and have them sent to your home where you can prance and preen to your heart’s delight.

Check out their new Basso Collection, and shop for their no-nonsense go with everything classic frames at

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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