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Spring Cleaning skincare 2015 roundup- it’s time, stop procrastinating. (video)

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So, the weather is actually warming up and that means you need to get your skincare routine up to snuff. Why? Because you can’t hide under as much makeup in the spring and summer, it doesn’t look right. The brighter light will exaggerate those flaws, too. Winter light is dim and grey. You get a lot of credit for wearing some lipstick, especially when everyone is drunk at some holiday party. But now it’s SPRING which is about renewal and freshness. Get with the program.

I say these things because I love you.

Buy of the Season:


If you can only afford one thing, get the Instrumental Beauty Home Spa Treatment System, $30. A waterproof handle that powers a series of 4 attachments to get you smooth and silky before you know it. I used it and I can honestly say that it works.

You lather up your skin and then use the gentle but effective brushes to clean your skin better than if you just used your hands. You only need 3 minutes, and your face will be gleaming. There’s a regular brush and a microdermabrasion sponge, for when you want an extra deep cleaning.

I am in awe of the 8 ring body brush. You may feel like a contortionist, but make sure you get every inch of skin. This brush helps the back of your hands and the tops of your feet look smooth and soft. It makes it easier to shave your legs and armpits- a task that always leaves me bloody and frustrated. After using the body brush, the razor glided over my skin and I had a smooth shave and smooth legs. For once. 

The pedicure attachment is going to make you cry with joy. I finally got the callus off of my little toe. I finally made the soles of my feet feel like they promise you in commercials without shelling out a wad of cash for services and tips. That little built up patch of callous on the bottom of my foot? Gone. And I did it all by myself.

I even made a video!



These are my favorites right now:

Body: Kat Burki Lilac & Rosemary bar soap,$15. A spurge, for those times when you want to feel lluxurious. Yardley London Nourishing Elements Artisan Soap, $4.99/3, I’ve been using the Oat, Milk & Honey which has a light scent and is fantastically moisturizing. This Calgon Parisian Charm bodywash, $4.49 has a sweet, romantic scent perfect for Spring. It’s also a great bubble bath for those times that you just want to soak.

Face: Kahina Giving Beauty facial cleanser, $56Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Scrub, $13.75. Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub,$29.25. Origins Modern Friction, $39.50. Red Door Spa Professional Lemon Burst Polishing Scrub. Simple Soothing Facial Scrub, $5.99. Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Cleanser with papaya, $13.75. 

Any one of these facial cleansers is a good bet, honestly. Just make sure that you understand your skin so that you can get the one that suits you best.



Now that you’re nice and clean, give yourself a treat with one of these skin perfecting masks.

Red Door Spas Professional Calming & Soothing Mask. Bullet Acne Aid (a mask for your pimples, dot it on and watch the blemish die),$13.95. Jurlique Herbal Recovery Anti-Oxidant Gel Mask, $80 Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, $25. Origins Gin-Zing Refreshing Face mask (a ten minute quickie), $25. Derma E Anti Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Mask, $18.75.

Sheet Masks: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, $17. Renew You Fruit Enzyme Sleep Spa. Also the Snowise EX Brightening Mask, $130/10. 



You’re clean, you did your mask, and now? Get that moisturizer on.

Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A & Green Tea Advanced Creme, $21.95. Kahina Giving Beauty, $62.Origins Plantscription Powerful Lifting Cream, $59.50. Jurlique Balancing Day Cream, $44. Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum, $39. Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A & E Treatment Oil (if nothing else, get this; I used when I had a skin problem this winter. I was back to normal in a few days), $12.75.

 Body Lotion: sc5

This is the easy part: scrub with the Instrumental Beauty Home Spa Treatment, rinse, dry off, slather yourself with something lightly scented and skin-enriching. Go conquer the world. Get dressed first, though. Just sayin’…

Both Cantu Beauty Hydrating Body Moisturizer and softening body butter, widely available and incredible bargains. Calgon Parisian Charm Skin Nourishing Body Cream, $4.99– layer with the matching body wash. REpurposing NOLA’s handmade Hot Mess Soft body lotion, made to order and if you’re in New Orleans you can buy it and it will be ready in 60 minutes.

Kat Burki Tuberose body creme, $62Origins Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Souffle is a smile in a jar and great for Spring and Summer skin,$32.  Karelen Vivacious Vitamin E body lotion, $8 and Sultry Black Castor Oil Hand & Body Creme is a great new discovery- leaves skin meltingly soft. Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream is a sensual delight with its unusual, feminine fragrance, $18

And just remember: It’s not about being ‘perfect’ or putting pressure on yourself? But when you do these things you look and feel better and people will treat you better. And if they don’t, you’ll feel so good about yourself after investing and pampering that you’ll be able to ever so sweetly put them in their place.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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Product Review: the Moonlight Pillow by ThumbsUp UK

As we all know, I have a magic email inbox. Sometimes it’s as dry as the Sahara Desert, and sometimes it’s full of prizes. You just never know. Recently I got an email about an item that my greedy little heart couldn’t resist; a plush pillow that lights up.

I am still working on my home decorating resolution, so this was extremely good timing. I replied immediately and I got the pillow this Saturday.


Introducing the Moonlight Pillow. I mean, how could anyone possibly resist this thing? It’s awesome!


Inside the box I found one pristine plush pillow (but not obnoxiously plush- it looks like faux fur) which contains a battery pack and lights that are controlled through this card sized remote control.


I ran into the bathroom (no windows) and was immediately gratified. It worked! The colors were strong and saturated, the lights changed, it was pretty incredible. It was all good…until.


I had some trouble with the remote control, which didn’t work at first. I kept trying, taking the battery out and putting it back in. Eventually I got the pillow to change colors with the remote and then the remote stopped working again. I left it alone for while and then came back to try again.

I found that you could tap the pillow to make it go on and off, so that was fun. Then I went back to messing with the remote control which was now only making the pillow blink.

I kept messing with it and then I broke the remote. I was bending it and it cracked. After that I just said ‘forget it’ and took the battery and lights out of the pillow. I was really sad about the whole thing.

I’d still recommend it, because it DID work when I got it and I may have messed up in using it. I’m just the type of person who would take it apart to see what’s in it. I figured if the lights didn’t work, why have a bulky pillow.

But now I have a new plush pillow. So that’s something.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which i return to Lucky via Lucky Shop campaign prompts

So back in February Lucky Community closed up shop, wiping everyone’s content to make way for a new concept and a new way of working. Now? We have Lucky Shops and all contributors can post to campaigns where you style with a central theme/idea in mind.

The first one that I participated in was Leather jackets for Spring and I almost didn’t make it. By the time I got my post together it was the last day of the deadline and I had three places to go so I posted something really quick and kept it moving. Needless to say my typos were horrendous and I forgot to hyperlink the items in my post. Bad blogger!!!

2015-03-07 19.05.26

This is my Leather & Whimsy post from March 11th. The idea was- how would you style with a leather jacket for ss2015? I decided to go with Durango Leather since I had just interlaced with them on Stylecaster’s #stylechat twitter event. I decided I wanted to do quirky/cute:

1. Leather motorcycle jacket with studded lapels: Durango Leather Company woman’s Demi Monde jacket, $360.99

2. Navy and red striped fit and flair dress with front pockets, LL Bean Signature poplin dress, $119

3. Sparkly statement necklace/headband, Chloe + Isabel Crystal Strand Statement Headband, $58

4. Convertible clutch/crossbody Shop Jacqueline Rose, Au Naturale clutch for Vitality, $45

5. Gold oxfords! Ami Clubwear gold lace tie-up oxfords, $6.49

This week they posted a prompt for Lucky contributors to play with pastels. I posted a collage called Pump Up Pastels With White & Brights, but Ill post the individual pics here on my blog. Ready? here we go!


Easy way to sneak in those pastels? Wear them on lips & nails!


2. Lips:
Accessories are a great way to spruce up without spending a ton. In fact? That hat was 1.99 and the scarf was actually free!
3. Accessories:
Straw hat with grosgrain ribbon band came from the discount store
Mint green infinity scarf, Lucky Mag subscription gift (thanks, guys!)
lucky fragrance
The best way to get pastels in your wardrobe? Pink perfume!
4. Fragrance:
Yes, it is OFFICIALLY tie to get those white shoes out. Since a pastel is basically a hue mixed with white to create a tint, white is always the best choice to go with them to avoid a matchy-matchy look.
5. Shoes:
White patent leather single sole sandal with silver and black leather straps by Etienne Aigner 
I am saving this romper to unleash when it gets hot. I loved the bold fuchsia color and boho print? And for out purposes here, the pastel pink and green/blue that can be picked out with accessories. I would add a mint green blazer or denim jacket or cardigan if the weather was chilly. I think that mint green creates a fun contrast to the fuchsia it’s kind of like using red/green- they complement each other, and just keep pink to nails and lips.
Throwing a white sleeveless structured top gives you a layer that you can remove if the day heats up.
6. Outfit:
Sleeveless crepe high-low top by Etienne Aigner
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

I took a really long walk yesterday and took a few photos, knowing that the next time I walk that way everything that I saw will be changed.


The ephemeral quality of finding the distinctive plaid of a Smucker’s Jelly cap on the ground- well, how long is that gonna be there?


This truck won’t be parked in this same spot, and if it is? It might have graffiti on it, or the sun won’t be slanting quite this way since light changes with the season…


Almost home, and I saw this. had to capture that lovely moment of seeing something solid translated into shadow.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which we go to the kenwerks pressday and meet new brands to drool over

I admit to being somewhat reluctant to attend tradeshows, because they are huge and impersonal, but I really like small, intimate pressdays where you meet a handful of brands in a smaller environment. It’s so much fun finding out what’s going to happen a half-year before anyone else!

This time I got invited to an event featuring a slew of cool brands (like Southern Tide) with drool-worthy clothes and accessories to offer for aw2015. Here are my faves:

Cockpit USA:


This brand used to be known as Avirex, and was founded in 1975 and built around an authentic leather jacket that the founder’s father owned in WWII. They have actually produced leather jackets for the US Army, no small feat, all the while providing rugged chic celebs like P Diddy and Bruce Willis. After a re-launch in the early aughts, the company came back as Cockpit USA with classic designs, and brand new ideas perfect for the millennium.

These were my favorite pieces from the aw2014 collection. Photo 1 is the Teddy Bear bomber jacket, and it just strikes me as so punk rock/disco! It’s made of furry shearling, with leather sleeves and pocket flaps. So 70s. I see this with flared plaid trousers… or a pencil skirt. The denim and lambskin leather Dreamgirl jacket is a fun, casual bomber/denim combo and I adore the AVA G1 sweater jacket in camo- because camo is always in. Not sure why? But women die for camo… I actually have a camo phone, so there you go.



This brand had me at the first distressed and bleach splattered t-shirt. Sheer perfection, for the types who like their clothing pre-ripped. This brand is super hush-hush until fall? But…I LOVE these pieces. Relaxed, casual, lived in looking. When they do launch, I’ll be the first in line.



The premise of this brand is activewear that you won’t feel ashamed to leave the gym in. Instead of looking haggis when you finish yoga, just zip on their Anaconda peplum jacket with snakeskin print. That’s kind of a stretch, since it still looks like every other activewear brand and the shapes are still leggings, yoga pants, and sport bras- but the colors and prints are really fun. You’ll look great doing downward dog, and won’t have to worry about see through clothing or wardrobe malfunctions. Check out their ss2015 offerings at



This brand was an insta-fave because, boho shoes and bags. Fun slouchy boots, sandals with fringe, knee-high boots, laceless oxfords- everything you could possibly want in high-quality leather. They’re actually big with celebs like Kate Hudson and Selena Gomez, and even have a BOHO4EVER page on their site devoted to bloggers who rock their pieces.

Kristina George:

kristina gorge Just, everything…. You can actually order these bags right now at if you have $1300 to $1600 to spend.

Next up: the launch of Chan + Krys

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Now, “Fresh.”, is a good topic for a photo challenge this week Why? Duh, Spring. I have to diametrically opposed images that both exemplify Spring In New York.


No joke, this is what I saw yesterday- fresh snow in East Flatbush. I loved how the powder on the newly sprouted leaves turned the tree outside into lace.


The little plant that I got at a fashion presentation last week shot out a flower this morning. I was so surprised!!!

Fresh, brand new, spring.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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in which we go to the Kenwerks pressday and meet Allen Stephenson of Southern Tide

Ok, back to the grind, kids!

Last week, after visiting Warby Parker, I got to go to an aw2014 press preview to meet some new brands and see what’s up for the season after the season that we’re about to enjoy.

The first thing I saw was this:


Which floored me, because you don’t usually see that much color in New York. They also had some amazing looking chocolate covered popcorn going on, but a certain person is on a diet thing. But it was a lovely gesture nonetheless.

I circled around and looked at all the other brands, and then came back to this one because my family is Guyanese and there is nothing more colorful than a West Indian household. I was poking around and the president of the company, Allen Stephenson, came up and told me about himself and the brand that he built from scratch.

SEB and Southern Tide CEO Allen Stephenson.
SEB and Southern Tide President Allen Stephenson.

Basically, this guy woke up one day and decided that medical school was out and clothing manufacturing was in. Instead of following the easier path, Allen decided that he wanted to make clothing that reflected his Southern roots and passion for color and pattern. He and his mother worked together and Southern Tide was born. After 9 years, the brand went from clothing men, women, and children to home decor. Southern Tide’s loyal fan base (79 thousand instagram followers alone) live and breathe this brand.

The skipjack logo, which Allen explained is a blend of cuteness, toughness, and the colors of the summer Southern sky) is the emblem of  a culture that embraces the tradition of dressing appropriately, acting respectably, and keeping your beer ice-cold.


What I loved, besides the color, was the quality of the clothing. beautifully bright gingham shirts made of whisper soft cotton. A fisherman sweater with a gorgeous rope pattern woven into it, and a contrasting button placket that quietly announces an eye for style. I also loved that the sweater was a lightweight option to the usual fisherman sweater, which can be a bit bulky. The Southern Tide version can easily work under a blazer in the colder months. Or it can be worn under this quilted jacket. Don’t you love how the navy goes with these orange pants?


I fell madly in love with these shirts. Why? The color, yes- but also the contrasting darker colr inside. That’s genius. When you roll up your sleeve, it creates a whole new dimension to the look. I told Allen that if I were dating someone who was wearing this shirt, he could kiss it goodbye. It’s the perfect shirt for throwing over a romper or wearing with a tank top and white pants.


When I checked out the Southern Tide website, I started getting even more styling ideas. Like- gingham men’s shirt + ladies cardigan + awesome leather belt = summer fabulous. Just add sandals, ballet flats or sneakers. How easy and fun is that?

I feel like I found the new J. Crew, you guys. Like, I’m not even joking.


There’s also a range of towels, sheets, and blankets to brighten up your everyday life. I mean, on a cold dreary morning- wouldn’t you want to open your eyes to a bright, snappy Southern Tide comforter?


Make sure you check out Southern Tide, ok? It’s totally worth it.

Next up: Kenwerks pressday featuring Koolaburra shoes, Prism Sport and more…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian