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in which i go through the #Snowmageddon experience and find a snowday uniform

So last Monday it kinda snowed. yes, I’m back on this topic, I felt that we didn’t explore it enough. snowmageddon a1

I woke up thinking it was going to be a little tiny snowfall , so I got up and gave myself an Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask ($25). I mean, it was gonna be a snow day? So why not.


Then I found out that it was considered a major snowstorm, because the management at my building slipped a warning and a Red Cross emergency checklist under the door before they ran home. I then realized that what I was so blissfully looking at was a…



So, I decide to go outside, because I am that type of person. I have had a bag of extra stuff sitting on the floor all January- so of course a blizzard is the right time to get rid of that. That does not include this awesome faux snakeskin hobo from Kensie Clothing, which holds all my stuff comfortably and has an adjustable chainlink strap. Score!


I took my stuff over to Beacons Closet to see if I had anything valuable. What they didn’t take I donated to charity right there in the store. To be honest, if you don’t have a lot of money but need to keep up that personal style, head over to this place. I saw brand new coats for about $25.00. They were really nice, too. If I did coats, I would have totally gotten one.


When I left, the snow was still softly floating down… I ran onto the subway and plugged into the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active phone (in classy camo, thank you very much). The sound through the headphones is so rich that it literally blocks out all noise. No screechy subway, no goofy conversations, just multi-levels of great music. So I went home and turned up my phone and had a good time dancing to Die Antwoord while it just kept snowing.

snowmageddon b2

The next day I got up and made myself a Beef & Broccoli. It tasted just like takeout- except I made it. It was super easy- one thing to remember? You will need a little cornstarch to thicken up that sauce. Otherwise you just have beef, broccoli and salty brown water in the pan.


The next day I felt like I just had to get rid of the cans and bottles that I’ve been collecting since last month. The place where you redeem them is about 10 blocks away, but I felt like I needed fresh air and exercise, work off that beef and broccoli. I washed my face and moisturized with the Eslor collagen firming day cream ($24). Then, I put on a little eyeshadow and mascara and warmed up my cheeks with Tata Harper’s Volumnizing Cheek & Lip Tint in Very Naughty ($35). Since I was going that far, I sprayed on some Amazon Lilly perfume ($68) from my bottomless bag of perfume samples that I got at Sniffapalooza last Spring.

Yes. Just to go and recycle cans and bottles. meanwhile, when it’s nice outside I lay in bed and read books. Go figure.


1. This is more of my snow week food. I wanted a sweet snack, so I made granola with chopped candied ginger, golden raisins, raisins, dried cranberries, and sunflower seeds. In addition to eating it as a snack, I used it as cereal.

2. After walking down to the supermarket with all those cans and bottles (and then giving them to a homeless man that needed the change way more than I did) I was hungry, so I made myself  a lumberjack breakfast with fried potatoes (I had baked some potatoes and put them in the fridge for just in case) with sweet red pepper and scallions, half a pork chop and a scrambled egg. Yes- I made diner food at home, because I love diner food. Also, this kept me from eating a huge diner style plate of food and I could monitor the sodium and grease level.

3. Then I made some chicken split pea soup and made a pan of cornbread the next day. I’ve been eating one main meal a day and I wanted to feel warm and full without getting blimped up. I went seven days without bread and this day (last Wednesday) was the day that I could eat some again. Instead of butter I used olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar for flavor.


Now we get to the ‘personal style’ part of this blog. Um, it was cold and I wore the same thing all week. Yes. I did. I’m owning that.

snowmageddon c3

My uniform was LL Bean Trueshape Denim jeans ($59) and Freeport field jacket ($59.99) and a rotating array of Kensie sweaters- and their amazing, warm, fluffy, keep me toasty red wool cardigan. Oh, and hats, and my long Harry Potter style scarf.


Saturday, I was supposed to go see Style Society Guy to interview him for my New York Fashion Blogger Project so I upgraded my uniform a little by swapping in this delicious polka dot long sleeved jersey by Eric + Lani and this adorbs black and white doctor bag from Kensie. I still ended up getting stuck at 14th Street because the train to his neighborhood wasn’t running– but I tried.

Winter Must Haves (to make you happy and warm):

winterwishlist1. 1. I love this beanie. I bought it in the street, but some guy told me you could get them on Amazon.

2. I have pretty much everything, but if I could have some more stuff to add to my uniform I’d pick this LL Bean heritage 1912 cardigan ($149) and their  their red Two-layer Union Suit ($59). I’d definitely cop one of these Cherry Blossom necklaces from Tova Luna ($95) because I love the colors and that gorgeous crystal.

These grey Cove sweatpants ($68) and ombre Snowy Fox cardigan from Canadian company Roots are right up my alley.  I have pretty much the perfect boots for this weather (my boots from LL Bean and my Corinnes from Cat Footwear) but if I were in the market for cute and winter ready- I’d get these Orant boots from Vince Camuto ($199) or these chestnut suede Volta boots from Ugg ($175).

3. Ok, so I’m tooting my own horn here. I just created this graphic illustration for Valentine’s Day and I think my Heart duvet cover from Society 6 ($89-$99) the perfect thing to snuggle under.

So that’s how my Juno/Snowmageddon 2015 week went. It was snowing when I got up this morning, but since NYFW is coming soon, and my event at Intimacy?

Next up will be Diet and Exercise Resolution progress!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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