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the last resolution- take my nails seriously

So thanks to the nice people at Probelle Beauty and butter LONDON and Pinch Me I have enough nail polish and nail maintenance tools to last me for a while.  So I decided that this is the year that I step up and start keeping my nails pretty on a regular basis, and not just five minutes before I have to leave the house.werkthenail1 First I got the Probelle Beauty nail bundle #3 ($32.50), which contains four nail colors (Sexy Blaze, Richness, Vivid Night, and Love Me) as well as a bottle of top coat sealer, which imparts a sexy shine as well as locking in color. Then, since it was holiday season- they sent me two more rich, saturated shades: Emerald and Feeling Sexy ($6). After much begging and harassing, butter LONDON sent over their Colour Hardware Nail Art Kit ($30) and the much coveted Cut Up Collection which is a set of three glittery overcoats. werkthenail2 I started doing my nails constantly, using tools like Urban Beauty United’s Cutiecools, which are orange stocks tipped with emery grit to help sand off those pesky cuticles. I also use butter LONDON Melt Away cuticle eliminator ($19) and RGB Cuticle Oil ($20) to moisturize the cuticle area. The nail art kit came with an emery board, but I also got a sweet little box of Marchesa for Revlon mini nail files with a swirling gold and black pattern that makes doing your nails more glam. I admit to getting nail polish remover and cotton balls from the discount store. What? It’s so cheap! werkthenail3 Then for pedicures, you gotta pull out the big guns. The Urban Beauty United Tippy Toze pedicure pack that includes toe separators, nail clippers, and patterned mini-nail file.  I also bring out the Origins Make A Difference ($21) which is technically a hand cream, but who’s going to know that I used it on my feet. Well, I was out of Origins Reinventing the Heel ($24.50), so I made do. Either way- the point is to keep the feet moisturized after you scrub off all the dead skin. I also get great results with Cantu Beauty’s Softening Body Butter– which contains shea and cocoa butter (aprox $5).

So technically, I have every thing I need to keep my nails pretty all year long, keep my cuticles from being raggedy, keep my polish from chipping- and I have enough nail polish to keep me from getting bored. I even do this twitter meetup called #PolishedMondays with @DoubleClickLife so I should be able to get myself together to do a weekly or bi-weekly mani/pedi with no problem. Right?


nails4 nails5 nails6 nails7 nails8 nails9 nails91 nails92 nails93 nails94

Next up: Snow days and warm sweaters.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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