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2014 resolution 4: teeth are everything

So last year I reviewed the Glo Science teeth whitening device, which I was very satisfied with. I decided that I would start this year by re-whitening my teeth and making sure to up my tooth maintenance routine.


Since I don’t have scads of cash for tooth whitening, I jumped at the chance to try out the Glo Brilliant PersonalTeeth Whitening Device ($199). You get the device, mouthpiece and case whitening ampoles. If you follow the directions, you will end up lightening your teeth and there’s enough left over for future treatments, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

My problem wasn’t using this product- it was what I did afterward.  teeth20152

After I used this device and whitened my teeth- I went right back to my old tooth-staining ways. I drank cup after cup of tea (I got a gift box from Harrods– that tea was so good!) and ate who knows what without thinking about the effect on all my teeth whitening work. One day I noticed that I had managed to turn my teeth a dingy shade of yellow that was not attractive. I decided that I would start over- but i would do it properly and make a commitment to whiter teeth.

I wrote to the people at Glo Science and the maintenance products that you need to keep color from seeping back. The Everyday GLO Teeth Whitening Pen ($25) can be carried in your purse for touch-ups after those coffee dates. You can also purchase apack of Glo Solo Teeth Whitening Vials ($52) that help you keep your teeth white without having to use the device. You can order these products from Glo Science or drop by Sephora and grab them- so they are easy to get as well as easy to use. teeth20153  I’m also adding some products from Dentek:

1. I grind my teeth in my sleep, and it makes me think all my teeth are going to fall out. Dentek makes a professional grade maximum protection dental guard that you customize by boiling, then biting it for two minutes. I’ve been using it for the last three weeks and I feel better knowing that I’m not grinding anymore.

2. I got these Comfort Clean floss picks (they’re just like the regular ones, it’s just that these come in little cases) to carry for after meal flossing when I’m out. It’s easy to forget that flossing is an essential part of dental health. You never know what could be stuck between your teeth, Flossing prevents cavities, bad breath, and tooth loss so you should take that seriously.

3. I’m using these Dentek Interdental Brushes, too. It might seem like overload, but think about how many lipglosses you own and then think how they would look on a mouth with no teeth.

You can get this stuff everywhere- Duane Reade, target, walgreen’s- so there’s no excuse not to have them.


I don’t have these, but I want them. Cute little toothbrushes with a cap, so you can brush anywhere with style. It’s a sonic toothbrush from Violife ($14.95). Sonic toothbrushes work by cleaning your teeth through scrubbing and the sonic vibration of the bristles is supposed to loosen plaque that’s beyonfd the reach of the bristles. Sounds good to me.

Next up: the last resolution- nailcare

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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