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Weekly Photo Challenge: New

So basically, I just broke a barrier with my baking business last week. I scored a special order for a big pr firm, and they paid me top dollar for my white chocolate chip cookies. So that was new.

Today a blogger, tomorrow Mrs. Fields.cookies I took my earnings and made my first foray into ABC Home. I have never actually gone in there- and I am FROM New York. abchome1 I wandered among the jewelry and home furnishings just kind of… dreaming. I saw so many things that inspired me like crowns and antique toys and ribbons and trimmings. abchome4  So what’s new for this year? I’ll be letting myself explore new recipes and look for new ways to make life more meaningful. To that end I got myself a new pastry bag with two tips and a star cookie cutter.

There’s a recipe for eclair’s in the instructions. Yeah-Happy New Year!


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