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in which i go to the United Against Ebola event and June Ambrose is there #TBT

I got invited to an benefit and it was fancy enough to warrant days of preparation. I went the whole route: mani, legshaving- and heels. ebola1  I did my nails with Probelle nail lacquer in Richness and tipped my nails with butterLONDON Dustup and Titchy  overcoats. I went through my dresses and decided on this vintage thrift store find that makes me look all Joan of Mad Men curvy. The belt at the waist gives you instant hourglass. I got out my trusty Escada tweed jacket, and my L’Autre Chose wingtip style heels, another thrift shop find- and brand new! For accessories I kept it to my Lisa Hoffman holiday bling bracelet and this adorable Rumbatime Chelsea Clutchebola2  December 5th came and I got suited up, makeup, the whole nine yards. (Oh, those earrings? $2.99 from the discount store!) I love these shoes, but they hurt so bad that I can’t keep my inner diva from surging up. I managed to get all the way there, but I was hobbling by then. yeah, I get into that trap sometimes. I’m female, ok? I mean- they said Matt Dillon was gonna be there, soooo….

images courtesy of Deborah Hughes Inc
images courtesy of Deborah Hughes Inc

Anyway- about the event. It was the Macdella Cooper Foundation‘s United Against Ebola benefit to continue the fight against the deadly disease. Zelma Davis of C+C Music Factory and Broadway performer and luxury children’s designer, Bonnie Young presented her Spring 2015 collection in the “Kids Walk for Kids” show with child actress Fatima Ptacek; Jessie and D’Lila Combs, daughters of Sean “Diddy” Combs; Summer Chamblin, daughter of celebrity stylist June Ambrose; Stephania and Sebastian de Felice, grandchildren of Donna Karan; Ella, daughter of MacDella Cooper; Arica, daughter of Zelma Davis as well as Bonnie’s own children Celia and Brando Babini walking to beats spun by Donna D’Cruz. So cute.

images courtesy of Deborah Hughes Inc

It was a night of stars as former model Macdella Cooper, actor Isaiah Washington, and superstar designer Donna Karan were all in attendance to help raise funds. The event raised over $15,000, included a shopping excursion with Donna Karan at her Urban Zen boutique, two business class tickets from British Airways and a five day, four night African safari.
ebola5 And now we come to my June Ambrose story:

1.September 2010- I run into a pretty lady with a shiny dress and take a photo. She told me her name and I forgot.

2. I see her again at another fashion event six months later? And I still forget her name!

3. So then she turns out to be June Ambrose, superfamous stylist to the stars…

So there you go.

Next up: the Food 52 secret swap and other holiday baking stories

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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