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The Sassy LAST CHANCE Procrastinator’s Gift Guide (like for real, you mad late)

Um. It’s 8.16 as I sit down to type this and I am hoping that this advice has nothing to do with you. I am hoping that you have done everythhing, even running out to get some Origins gifts on your lunch hour, in order to NOT be the person who jacked up Christmas.

Whether you have a religious issus, or you got caught up at work, or you were waiting to see what everyone else is doing is unimportant- just do something, because it will make YOU feel better. It feels good to give because you made someone else happy. So do it for yourself…

Here are some last, last minute suggestions for you:

1. Grab a gift set:

buy a gift set

You are why gift sets exist. Stop fighting it and just go with the flow! This Phyto Huile Supreme and Secret de Nuite gift set is ($47.20) and available at Sephora. Then there’s the Arbonne Shea Butter Collection Hand Lotion Trio ($47)- not sure where it’s available, but…I’m putting it out there for you. Also? There’s always the local drug store- I saw all these perfume sets in the window of Duane Reade. Grab a giftset, pop it into a gift bag (dodn’t forget tissue paper, and buy a card. Done.

 Keep it simple:

get some socks

Get some socks. For real. I mean it’s last minute and you really need to do something, right? Get some really cute socks, throw them in a gift bag- tissue paper, guys!- get a card. Done.

Buy some food item:  

teaIt’s hard to go wrong with tea. I got this Harrods Exclusive Selection box of tea bags ($91.85 USD) earlier this year and it was amazing. Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Darjeeling- so delicious! I also love this Dona Chai Tea Concentrate which is currently only available in NY, but you get the gist. Tea. It’s your gifting friend. Don’t forget the gift bag and tissue paper.

Make some food item:


Mini-cupcakeswith homemade icing is way easier than you think. Christmas cookies? Worst part is rolling them out. And wrapping? I found thse little plastic bowls, put in some tissue paper, then slipped it into a treat bag and tied the ends like candy. This cost barely anything and it looked really pretty.

You can do this- I believe in you. Make something and take it over to Grandma’s tomorrow- she’ll probably take out her teeth and give you a real grin, which is always fun.

 Recycle: natori I got these as a present, and if they weren’t so amazing I would regift them. Don’t be afraid to use your own stuff- but it better be clean and unused. I mean- c’mon.keep it simple

I actually gave this to someone. It combines ‘Keep it Simple’ with ‘Recycle’ and  ‘Make something’. I put it in a gift bag. I was done. Everyone was happy.

Make a donation:


Play the saintly role and let someone know that you helped the needy in their name. Order a Feya candle, since each purchase feeds a hungry child. Or donate to the Food Bank in your area. You can just put a not in a Christmas card saying what you’ve done… but you have to actually do it.

Christmas stocking stuffing:


A little bit of tradition- in the drugstore ailes. While you won’t see a gorgeous stocking from REpurposingNOLA at store, you can get a regular stocking and fill it with stuff. Candy, beauty products, just anything. It will still be appreciated and you’ll have fun watching them pull everything out.

Get a little nasty:  


I love these Flirtmoji! So fun! I mean, if you send them to the right person, of course. You’ve got nothing to lose at this point, so… and you won’t need the gift bag/tissue paper.

Merry Christmas!!!

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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