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Sassy Holiday Gift Guide- digging into Lingerie, T-shirts, Bags, and Stocking Stuffers (not much time now!)

So, we’ve done fragrance, skincare, makeup, nails and jewelry. Now let’s get into the hard stuff…tshirts, bags, lingerie- and the better grade of stocking stuffer.



This Little Empire King tshirt from Street People Atelier ($28.50), so perfs. It says New York without screaming it.

 Citizen Ciao Victoria Bay tee ($38) says you have street cred and you know what’s gonna be hot before it’s hot. This is THAT tshirt.

Wabi Sabi EFC offers a collection of beautiful, stylish eco-friendly clothing- including this awesome tshirt. Get that for the Authentic, Organic, Beautiful ($19) fashionista in your life.

The Sassy Store:


Shameless plug right in the middle of everything! Some people, right? Anyway- Stroll over to my shop on Society6 that offers biker tanks, tshirts, clocks, throw pillows, wall art, tote bags, duvet covers and shower curtains featuring exclusive images and graphics.

Just letting you know… just in case.

 Artistic Revolution in Time:shirtsandbags1Everybody needs underwear. Everybody. But at Christmas it has to be really nice underwear that you wouldn’t buy for yourself, or would if you had some extra cash. You can get a cute Lace Boyshorts Holiday Paint Can ($36) for that someone who needs a little fun. The lace is beautiful and the fit is incredible and flattering.

If you don’t want to pick someone else’s undies, than get a gift card to someplace insanely great like Intimacy lingerie boutique. Put it into a swanky Papyrus card($3.95- $9.95) and you’re set.

Bags and Stocking Stuffers:


As we all know, it’s the year of the clutch. Especially this super cute Chelsea Clutch from Rumba Time ($20), which is so reasonably priced that you can just buy all seven colors. Stuff that clutch with a bottle of Sex eau de toilette ($44) from Desigual.

I love these little LeSportsac pouches (starting at $20), they’re just adorable. Throw some Tic Tacs or other candy in there. I added this Hello Kitty toy that I got in my Happy Meal at McDonald’s ($2.99) as a suggestion.

shirtsandbags6 If you’re a blogger, holiday shopping can be as easy as looking through your closet for stuff you get in gift bags. So here’s an illustration on how to stuff a bag like a blogger: Klorane dry shampoo ($19.50), Layrite pomade ($15), Big Sexy Hair hairspray ($6), and Ulta Color Pure Pigment eyeshadow ($10).

I’m not done.

Throw in a lipstick sample from Katherine cosmetics, a kohl eye Scandaleyes eyeliner pencil from Rimmel London ($4.49) (I got that from influenster) and a Fashion First Aid kit. All in an attractive Desigual print clutch/makeup bag ($34.30) with braided faux leather strap.

That’s how bloggers roll.

shirtsandbags5Stuffing this slouchy floral backpack from Life is good ($52) who donate 10% of their net profits to help troubled kids, is a surefire hit. Pack your favorite person some samples from Pinchme, the awesome monthly sample site that lets you try new stuff- for free. Essentials like Kleenex tissues, Garnier Fructis shampoo, Revleon Marschesa emery boards, Sinful Colors polish, even Band-Aids are some of the best gifts you can give, without seeming like you’re nagging.

Christmas- a time to make sure that people have what they need, stylishly.

Next up: ORIGINS

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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