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Sassy Holiday Gift Guide- Fragrance (wear it, spray it, rub it on- oh nooooo! )

OK- FINALLY!!! The first installment of the Sassy Holiday Guide is here! Relief, right? You haven’t shopped yet, right?

I know.

The first category we’re going to explore is fragrance. It’s a pretty personal present since it sits right on the skin, and of all our senses smell is the most sensual. I got some amazing goodies to talk about for Christmas 2014!

Lisa Hoffman Beauty:


This is a twofer thing. If you know someone who loves fragrance, but has sensitive skin- solve the problem by gifting them fragrance jewelry. For Christmas the Lisa Hoffman Beauty company created a golden link chain style bracelet that can be worn with or without the sparkly pendant. This bracelet also comes with 6 fragrances to mix and match as the wearer pleases ($65).

Or, indulge in their newest scent Brazilian Begonia. You have two choices on how to wear the citrusy floral with hints of sandalwood- a laid back sodalite bead bracelet with gold spacers and pendant that you can fill with fragrance beads ($75), or a triple strand dazzler made of faceted rondelle beads with a silvertone fragrance pendant ($50).

Kat Burki:


I’m new to Kat Burki, so excuse me for bubbling over with joy at finding such a light, feminine fragrance with staying power. A light spritz of the eau de toilette ($48) and you’re floating in a garden filled with lilac, roses, jasmine, rosemary, and subtle hints of pine needles, fresh citrus, and amber. Layer the scent with the Lilac & Rosemary Private Collection soap ($15) in the shower,  and moisturize with the matching body cream ($62). Delicious.

 Anna Sui:



Not a scent for the meek…or maybe it is? A bold fragrance fruity floral (it’s actually lavender, which you can see through the carved roses  of the bottle- so romantic!) La Vie de Boheme shimmers with notes of Turkish rose and sparkling pear and dragon fruit. This boxed set includes the matching shower gel/bubble bath and satiny body lotion all in a gorgeously colorful limited edition box. You can actually use the red lacquered bottom as a display box on your dresser or vanity ($65)



This is a sweet hostess gift. The REpurposing NOLA Hot Mess Holiday Gift Set includes handmade Christmas stocking, along with fragrant hand soap, hand lotion, and candle- keep that bathroom smelling right. the warm, comforting scent infused in the soy candle actually relaxes you and induces sleep. And you can use the cap of the tin to extingush it just before you lie down to a blissful slumber. ($49.95)

More Sassy Holiday Gift Guide coming soon!

Next up: the Caravan Stylist Studio Holiday Market/x by Trollbeads event with Corporate Catwalk

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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