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3 months of deliveries equals one sassy holiday gift guide

I started begging for samples way bag in August. Why? because the early bird gets the worm and I wanted to have the best gift guide (and also have it done by December 1st). Little did I know that I was setting an avalanche in motion. And I was STILL gonna be late.



IMG_1414184915955 IMG_1414518395507 IMG_1414597593616 PROBELLE1

It started with the Lisa Hoffman Brazilian Begonia fragrance bracelet, then a whole package from REPurposing NOLA complete with Christmas stocking, some Bullet Acne Aid, Rozge Cosmeceuticals donated lipgloss, and Probelle Beauty sent over their nail polish bundle #3- 4 colors plus top coat sealer. A good start!


IMG_20141118_114042_985 IMG_20141119_154028_035 IMG_20141119_154322_283 IMG_20141126_131928_469 IMG_20141126_132254_883 IMG_1415204904512

IMG_1415247460049 IMG_1415898174551 IMG_1416596268440 IMG_1416615884320 IMG_1417030672519 IMG_1417286076258

The next month, a lot more trickled in- even more than what you see here. Stuff from Accompany, Urban Beauty United, Anna Sui, Artistic Revolution in Time and Street People Atelier, REPurposingNOLA’s Hot Mess package (just buy it– $49.95, so worth it), two gorgeous Christmas bling fragrance bracelets from Lisa Hoffman, the Equitance Brightening kit (even has vitamins), A suite of Lilac & Rosemary products from Kat Burki, Wabi Sabi EFC tshirt, origins body souffle and votive candle trios, butterLONDON Cutup Collection and Colour Hardware Nail Art Kit $30 (present alert), and a secret box of goodies from my friends at Pinch Me. It was starting to look a lot like Christmas…



IMG_20141208_140240_140 IMG_20141208_140506_250 IMG_20141208_140932_096 IMG_1417809516424

December was the last hurrah with the Xtreme Lashes Glideline Ready to Wear Collection Gift Set $40 (present alert), some gorgeous Natori candles- actually a gift to me!, an awesome tshirt from Citizen Ciao and these city chic Cuttler sneakers from SUPRA.

So how to choose what goes in the Sassy Holiday Gift Guide? This time around I decided that the theme was treat the lady in your life. Whether that be your mom, sister, girlfriend or self. Set your sights on something fun and get it. Then give it- or keep it. It’s all one. A present is a moment where you’re present to give or receive, it almost doesn’t matter what it is.

Next up- the first installment of the Sassy Holiday Gift Guide- a fragrant beginning…

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian

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