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ROUNDUP: nail polish, tools, press on nails- all of it

Over the summer, I started piling on the free nail polish. It just happened. First it was three bottles of Zoya at my First Anniversary at Caravan Stylist Studio. Then I got a free bottle of polish from butter LONDON, 4 this year from Illamasqua, and one from Sinful Colors (in an influenstervox box).

Now? Not only do I have polish- but I have tools.

Tool kits:


One day I went by the neighborhood Duane Reade and I saw this nail care kit and had to have it. Yes, I paid money, but I got it 75% off- so it was only $2.87! Score!

1. Prevail tip to toe nailcare kit has cuticle nippers, two nnail clippers, some tiny scissors, and a metal cuticle pusher and nail cleaner. AND a nail brush, which is actually all I needed. Throw out the nail files, they’re garbage.

2. The next set of tools made my heart light up- and it came with polish. This is the  butterLONDON Colour Hardware Nail Art Tool Kit. It’s no joke, and the nail file is the business. they threw in the Cutup Collection, which is nothing but glittery sparkley glitter overcoats for your nails. get in on that for NYE. Or to paint your nails before grocery shopping.

3. Then I got all this from Urban Beauty United– which filled in all the cracks and made my nailcare life complete. I got the Urban Tippy Toze pedicure set- with toe separators, and extra nail files and these things called Cutiecools– they’y’re a combination of orange stick and emery board.

So I have all that- and a nail brush. Life is good!

Nail art:


I saw this at the store. there was way too much going on here for me to understand, I haven’t really been into the whole nail art phenomenon. I have things to do. I’m past that phase- but this Sally Hansen Let’s Talk display definitely had me thinking. I mean, it certainly was colorful, right?


1. I had gotten the Probelle Beauty Touch n’ Grow duo at a press event over the summer, and loved the way it worked on my nails. 2. I decided to work with their nail lacquer Bundle #3, which has four polishes and a bottle of Top Coat Sealer.  3. I used all four colors from the bundle (Vivid Night (purple), Sexy Blaze (yellow), Richness (champagne beige), and Love Me (hot pink) along with the butterLONDON Colour hardware nail Art Kit to create a different look on each nail.

I started out ny painting my nails in Richness, which I figured was a good base color to go crazy on. Then I went through the little booklet in the tin because I literally had never done this before. However? These tools made it easy, so the next thing I knew I was doing it. I ombred my nail! Two of them! With 3 colors! I did polka dots! And Lines!

So, yeah- according to this chick who went to art school? Nail art is a rocking kind of thing. Two nails up!

Fake it:




While I was at the Beautypress Spotlight Day event  I met the team from Broadway Nails and they handed me a bag and it had all of this in it- more press on nails then any one ever needed or wanted in life.  If you’re the type who’d rather have their nail art ready made, they have yo covered. They even have pressons for toes. You can find their products at places like your local Duane Reade.


Next up: Etienne Aigner‘s killer ss2015 collection


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian



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