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this is what you wear under your #OOTD

Not that clothing has become passe, but- have we really spent enough time talking about lingerie? I love reading all about people’s outfits- but what are they wearing underneath. It should be this stuff…


 Artistic Revolution in Time could be your shopping downfall. they go from cute to sexy to – that look where you’re kind of innocent, but it’s sexy. You know what I mean. They have something for pretty much everyone- from vintage lace to island style to Jess day-esque geek chic. Every daydream you have when you get dressed? they can help you get there.


I love the vintage lace boxers, not to mention the Gypsy lace and mesh lounge dress  (I know you can totally see yourself twirling in it- because I can), and they’ve got a sweet selection of bras ranging from seamless to strapless to underwire (and $16 to $32).



There’s also a tshirt line, Street People Atelier  inspired by the city that never sleeps, NYC. Six exclusive fun graphic tees all about the big apple. Betwen SPA and ART, whether you’re running to the store or going to yoga, they got you covered.

You might need some, shoes though.

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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