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Shop like you have a conscience: Nanette Lepore for Origins, Creeds Collective Popup and more…

Christmas, Channuka, Kwanzaa-the  traditional giftgiving days is coming and you need to get ready. Shopping is always fun, but being able to buy gifts that show your kinder, earth saving side is easier than ever this year. Here are a few suggestions:


1 nanettefororigins
photos by Faith Bowman/SEB

Showstopping designer Nanette Lepore (you know, she dresssed New York’s First Lady and First Daughter for the inauguration). Known for her eye for pattern, lepore created this original design exclusively for Origins’ holiday makeup bag. Inspired by her travels around the world, the bag is made of 100% recycled cotton, and can be used as a clutchor makeup bag. You can get the amazing ligttle bag free with a $65 purchase, and Origins will even thow in a Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balm– as a present.


2 ccpop
photos by Faith Bowman/SEB

In super-cool Soho a super cool shop has to be the absolute hands down coolest place on Earth and our society. Welcome to the eco-friendly, cutting edge fashion temple of the Creeds Collective Popup Shop. Located at 54 Crosby Street in NYC (easily accessed by public transportation) is 44 brands strong and packed with amazingly original merchandise that just happens to protect the planet. Try the fragrant Feya Candles– every purchase providesa child in need with a hot meal.


3 accompany
1. Aurvan Moss Scarf by A Peace Treaty, $34 2. Capote coat by Lauren Manoogian, $560 3. Alpaca Travel Pant by Apolis, $280 *photos courtesy of Accompany

Accompany  is where you go to avoid the fast fashion madness that will ensue in a few weeks. Buy artisan made goods, that comply with the ethical guidelines of Fair Trade. From around the world accessories, bags and clothing from locally based artisans are created with care for men women and children who want authentic goods that support small businesses. Their motto? ‘We’re all on the same mission’.


4 tahaangalaunch

Imaging being able to bike to work on a hot day and not look like a wet dishrag when you get to work. Tahaanga is a new concept in men’s shirting- made of a blend featuring premium Italian cotton, Tahaanga’s mission to bring the fastest drying shirt in the world to market. While the shirts (which will be priced at an amazing $25) are still in Kickstarter mode, you can support a revolutionary concept into that keeps men looking good, which is a major boon to the planet as I see it.


Sassy Ethnic Bohemian on Society 6: 

5 sassy store


So how cool is this? I finally get to talk about something I designed! And, true to my desire to stay on the right side of the fast fashion/style not waste war- I decided to opan a store on Society 6 featuring photographs and graphic designs created by Sassy Ethnic Bohemian. How is me selling tshirts, baby onesies, duvet covers, and shower curtains eco-friendly? Well, everything is created by order, so ther’s no physical inventory. The minute you roder your item, it goes into production just for you. No waste, no crazy amounts of inventory- just fun, stylish items on demand at your fingertips. All you have to do is go to Ethnic Bohemian to order.

Merry Christmas!


xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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