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Celebrating Eco-Friendly fashion at Drake Natural’s Nolche Verde event

I met eco-fashion warrior Dominique Drakeford at Nolcha Fashion Week earlier this year and have always been impressed by her dedication to keeping fashion sustainable. So I was delighted to attend her Nolche Verde event. Also? There was sangria, so. You know.


Anyway! let’s get into it.


As soon as I entered the Spanish Benevolent Society I was greeted with a goodie bag (they know me soooo well) I then headed straight to the bar. What? It was a long day? And I never have sangria! It was absolutely ddelicious as was the creamy pasta from Arturo’s Restaurant.

I took in the room, checking out the sponsor strewn step and repeat (loving the cute little pooches dressed by My Fabulous Puppy). I drooled over this raincoat made out of recycled umbrellas from Supported by Rain. It reminded me of a raincoat that I had when I was 17 and running around the Lower East Side. That one was white plastic with red polka dots and red squares. It was awesome. I met photographer Sarah Moon in that raincoat. noche3After a great speech from we had live music from Black & Tan , we had a great speech from Dom, and then it was back to mingling, drinking sangria, and looking through great new sustainable good from new brands like Kallio NYC, a kids clothing retail and workshop studio in Williamsburg. 

I got to check out jewelry and accessories made out of food from London brand Bio-Trimmings. That clutch is embellished with bio sequins made from pasta, fruit pulp and peel, beans, and rice. If you have a bundle of doggy joy, you might want to check out My Fabulous Puppy. Luxury pet fashions for your little sweetums, custom made and guilt free. noche5

I met the gorgeous Lesley Ware (there will be more on her later, I’m fascinated). who has just created a book with Laurence King called Sew Fab, aimed at 8 to 13 year olds. It encourages her audience to get in there and get creative, instead of just being led by the nose to fast-fashion retailers.  One of her projects is the home-made bow, and I got one to take home. Doesn’t it look great? You can pre-order Sew Fab on, and make sure you check out Lesley’s audacious new fashion blog here. if you don’t dies for the lacy pink dress, you’re not human. noche6

I spent some quality time hanging out with Deanna Clark of Fashion Compliance (remember? I interviewed her for Fashion Edits last season?). We checked out the amazing bags from REpurposingNOLA, created from old burlap bags, leather scraps, vinyl, and canvas. I fell in love with the Eco3 New Orleans backpack. I could see myself throwing everything in it and tooling around NYC, or wherever the day took me. You can shop for bags, bath supplies, and artwork right here.


And this is what I wore- yes, I wore the Life is good All Together Now crusher tee again, but this time it was preppily layered over a collared white shirt from Ann Taylor, and a thrifted plaid wool skirt. The the heart pendant necklace is from Desigual, and my bracelets are from ShopJacquelineRose and Lisa Hamilton Beauty. Deanna Clark took a pic of me with the gorgeouse Eco3 bag from REpurposingNOLA that shows you the whole geek chic outfit. The perforated leather bow with hot pink stitching from Lesley Ware was the perfect finishing touch.

Just a quick beauty note: mu skin has that amazing glow because of some products we’ll be talking about soon. But, here’s a heads up- you NEED Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, it literally wipes away years. Like, gone. Painlessly and comfortably. It’s an all natural solution to dull aging skin. Trust me, I’m a beauty freak and I love this stuff.

Next up: the Beautypress Spotlight Day! (where we run into our old pal Lauren Napier of CLEANSE!)


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