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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

This comes at a good time, since I’ve been out at night 3 days this week, leaving me to think about how different it feels to come home in the velvety darkness (where things always seemly oddly skewed, and oddness clings to every exchange). than to saunter home in full daylight, or even at sunset. Nighttime is when you round the corner and there’s an ambulance with blaring lights and someone crying as the stretcher is loaded up (this happened last week). Nighttime is when the lights glow brighter, and colors change their meaning.


IMG_20140821_202848_906 - Copy IMG_20140811_203433_973 - Copy IMG_20140821_200051_212 - Copy IMG_20140821_202638_635 - CopyIMG_20140821_194901_849 IMG_20140909_202845_779 IMG_20140909_202851_495 IMG_20140909_202938_323  IMG_20140909_212259_601IMG_20140909_203059_381New York is a city that lends itself to nighttime images, whether innocent or sinister. These are all unretouched, and taken withing the last month or so with my cameraphone. For good or ill, this is the case of the city, in all it’s strange glory, in the nighttime.


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