MBFW: Son Jung Wan’s ss2015 collection features…boys?

I checked the schedule and realized that in addition to running around crazy cooking for a tiny dinner party, I had a show to go to! My first invitation to see Son Jung Wan’s stellar work, after being invited to a small viewing of her aw2014 collection when she launched  her e-commerce site earlier this year (read that story here). I was kind of running around in circles, so I only halfway glued myself together, no makeup and it was so hot that I started sweating as soon as I left my building. However?


I wore my fave chambray shirt, a tank top, my Grafton glasses from the Kensington Road Collection (thanks!) and this awsome shoulder dusting Jeremiel earring from I was dying of heat, and never took a full selfie that day. Oh well.

Son Jung Wan showed a line that ‘balanced yin and yang’. Instead of just women’s RTW, she was also showing a matching men’s collection concurrently. Her inspirations seemed to be sand, surf, and night skies. Let’s take a look:

SJW SS15_0005 SJW SS15_0019 SJW SS15_0021

These outfits remind me of sunny days deepening towards evening, the waves curling on golden sand. Even the swaths of deep amethyst remind me of the sunset hour, when the sky is a chiarusco of reds and violets. It’s a bit passionate, right?

SJW SS15_0008 SJW SS15_0010 SJW SS15_0011

My only complain is that the colors are a tad too deep. It seems a bit much for spring summer, a bit too draggy, too dark and heavy.

SJW SS15_0025 SJW SS15_0026 SJW SS15_0028

i admit to liking these more ‘traditional’ styles for summer- loose, unconstructed shifts that can be worn with sneakers or biker boots for a little city edge. I kind of just love these…

SJW SS15_0032 SJW SS15_0037 SJW SS15_0039

Gold is happening for next spring, why fight it? Worse things can happen to you than being gilded in the rays of the sun. I am especially partial to the deep v-necked leather sheath in the center. No stress hot dress! Love it.

SJW SS15_0002

I adore this- a slinky take on that pesky 90s trend ‘dress over pants’- but sexy.


All in all, a great showing for Sun Jung Wan! her fan Kelly Rutherford seems to think so, too!

Until next time, when we discuss the Katty Xiomara show at NOLCHA Fashion Week.

*All runway photos by Rodin Banica

xoxo, Faith/Sassy Ethnic Bohemian


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