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hanging out at the banana republic girl’s night out event (there was wine!)

As usual, I was minding my own business and tripped over a fashion event. I saw this invitation on The Fabulous Report’s twitter and went for it! 


Skinny Girl cocktails and free benefit cosmetics with purchase? I’m game. I decided on the Soho location (550 Broadway) so that I could wander around and do some daydream shopping at Sur la Table and Dean & Deluca

I arrived and was greeted enthusiastically by Banana Republic workers, but there wasn’t any Skinny Girl on tap. I saw bottles of wine on the table and grabbed a tiny glass of red to get me in the mood to shop. 

BANREP1I wore my best friend, the leopardskin cardi, a basic tshirt ($5) from h&m, my Life is good slouchy floral backpack and of course my tortoiseshell Grafton frames from’s Kensington Road collection. I was trying out my new butterLONDON Wink eye pencil in Union Jack Black, a soft smudgy pencil that looks pro even when someone like me uses it. 

BANREP2Glass in hand, I wandered through the store looking for something that I couldn’t live without. I liked the fall classics, great pleated skirts and jackets- but nothing really spoke to me. I felt like I could wait. 


  I almost swooned in the jewelry section, it was close. I LOVED this sparkling bib necklace that I tried on. I just needed to think about that… but I’m still thinking. I am so slow to drop money it’s insane. 


I saw fragrance, but I still have a bag of fragrance samples from Sniffapalooza, so I didn’t need anymore. I went through the clearance section, but the prices were close to the new stuff- so I passed. these shoes were cool, but they remind me too much of the Valentino Graviani style, and I wasn’t sure that i couldn’t find them cheaper someplace else.

I ended up leaving and wandering over to Dean & Deluca and perusing the veggies, so pretty, right? 



  I bought some veggies and then headed over to Housing Works Thrift Shop, but they were closed. What made it worse, was that the outfit in the window was killing me…IMG_20140821_190422_107IMG_20140821_190538_318I was tired out, and I took this photo while standing outside of Housing Works, all disappointed. I love the way my Life is good novella skirt is moving in the wind. But then, I love that skirt, period. 

Here are some photos of SOHO, just in case you wondered:

IMG_20140821_190548_637 IMG_20140821_190745_065

I’m not sure what I’m going to talk about next. Some stuff has been happening, it MIGHT be about some other events, it might be about food, it could be a roundup or it could be….


I don’t know. But hang in there- all will be revealed very soon. ;-D 

See ya!

xoxo, Faith/SassyEthnicBohemian


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