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legendary American retailer LL Bean kicks it into high gear for aw2014

 While fast fashion has been all the rage for what seems like an eternity, stalwart American companies are rising to the forefront and becoming the linchpin of the ‘heritage’ look.  unique blend of plaids and denim with a dash of prep. Seen stalking the streets of NYC in the last few years, the neatly buttoned up and proper look has become THE look for the really fashion conscious. It doesn’t depend on trends or gimmicks. It’s a bout a clean, clear-eyed, consciousness that pays attention to every detail. Wingtips instead of sneakers, plaid shirts with colored cords, and a neatly groomed look for men and women.    


LL Bean is a company that has been around since  1912. Located in Freeport, Maine, their reputation was built on solid, outdoorsy clothing that wore well. Fast forward a hundred and two years, and those same utilitarian clothes are at the forefront of the heritage look. With their fall/winter Signature collection, their staying true to their roots, but updating with a slimmer cut and luxurious leather accessories, like the caramel colored crossbody you see above. . 

llbeantory1 Everyday luxury comes in the form of the quilted leather jacket, a much cooler take on a moto-cross style. This jacket, plus fun, quirky scarves and layered over cardigans and tshirts is no fuss, but still very stylish. Throw it on over the striped stretch knit dress or- double up and wear it under the polyester, cotton lined quilted jacket in a contrasting color. Two jackets and some funky, chunky knitted scarves is a way to kick the heritage look into a sort of downtown/artsy vibe. 

llbeantory2I love this LL Bean military style Freeport Field  jacket, which calls to mind the ‘glamping’ style that’s been showing up at festivals. I love the idea of using this the blue turtleneck to tie the olive of the jacket to these flared wool plaid trousers from the Signature collection. Kind of a Faye Dunaway 70s look, but modern. Wear with stacked heel t-straps and boots. Add the Heritage leather tote in dark cranberry or gold for contrast. 


 The skinny cargo pant are a great summer to fall investment, to wear with heavy boots or oxfords. A tough durable pant that can work with a silky pussycat bow-tied blouse or a slouchy tshirt.  I love the soft motorcycle jacket styled Harbor Loop jacket, especially in this lovely blue. These Heritage leather clutches are divine. You could co-ordinate them with your outfits, or keep one in a larger bag so that you have something cute to carry down to lunch. 

I’m definitely going o be looking for ways to get more LL Bean into my fall wardrobe. 


2 thoughts on “legendary American retailer LL Bean kicks it into high gear for aw2014”

    1. I was lucky enough to get one of their everyday totes- which I adore. I really like their new clothing, especially since it’s not a sellout, but just a deeper extension of what they’re known for.

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