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my new york hair transformation…

8. hairtransform

 I woke up this morning and realized that my natural hair is finally growing in the way I want it to, and that after having every type of hairstyle, I’m really happy to be sporting something so low maintenance and so ‘me’. 1. hairtransform

 I’ve literally started from scratch more than a few times, chopping off dreadlocks, extensions, and grown out perms. From Chicago to New York, a close cropped head has been my g to for serious hair emergencies. Someone told me that I had a perfectly shaped head once, too. So that was a bonus.2. hairtransform

 Of course, I had my hair chemically straightened for a while. The last two years that I lived in Chicago, 2008 and 2009, I was always at the hairdresser. Punkily pinned up, with bangs, and with a demure double headband- my straight hair was kind of high maintenance, and I was always putting it in a chignon or wrapping a scarf around it- so why bother spending money it keep it straight?3. hairtransform

 Because New York has so many hair salons, it was easy to experiment with sew on weaves and hair extensions. Way too easy. How can I really recognize myself in the mirror when I’m wearing someone else’s hair?4. hairtransform6

 Last year was hat year with my leather and fur hat from Peter Williams from At’a, to my rasta hat and beanie bought on the street. Winter weather was so cruel that I didn’t see my hair in daylight for 6 months.

5. hairtransform

 Mu signature ‘Sassy Ethnic Bohemian’ headscarf has transformed over the course of the year as well. From cute, almost girlish boho to a more sophisticated fashionista look. But you can’t live your life in a head scarf.  well, at least I can’t.6. hairtransform

 This is the hair style that I loved the most and have returned to this summer. I went to stylist Amoy Pitters salon and got a deep conditioning treatment, and then my hair was twisted and dried. Really pretty, and almost straight- but no relaxer. I’ve started twisting my hair after I wash it, which gives my hair a break and provides me with a funky style that I love. Then I let the hair out, and I have natural kinky curls, with no heat and no relaxer. Low maintenance, natural hair. 7. hairtransform

These are the products I’m using right now: Bosley Bos-Revive Nourishing Shampoo which works to create a thicker appearance for thinning hair. Soy amino acids help restore strength, thickness and volume. Vegetable protein helps fortify hair shafts, and you give yourself a 1 minute scalp massage every time that you use it. I’m an ardent fan of Rusk Haircare’s Multi  12-in-1 spray in conditioning treatment and Putty texturizer. I use both after shampooing. I end up with soft , gleaming hair. I love using Fudge Urban’s Sea Salt Spray for a crazy, nappy look. It adds just the right amount of ‘wild’ and it smells amazing. The Iced Raspberry & Vanilla styling mousse is fun for when i want to pin the sides up, like the first image in this post. 

I’ve got it down to four products, and that’s it. I’ve transformed myself from a frantic follicle worrier to a laid back, lo-fi naturalista.



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