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meeting Fudge Urban and Lou Teasdale at Mulberry Project (cocktail alert!)

Last week I got one of those awesome, ‘hey, why don’t you come to this Product launch and have fun?’ type of emails.

I love blogging.


  (l)Lou Teasdale                  (r) Me & Glasgow Skinner

The launch was for a UK brand called Fudge Urban, and their brand ambassador was Lou Teasdale. I found out that Lou is the stylist for One Direction, among other things. The launch was held at Mulberry Project, a mysterious little place that was like a modern speakeasy- I mean, I walked past it, it was so hidden!


There was product everywhere. Like all over. You couldn’t help but pick things up and play with them. I was instantly slavering over the hair wax tins. Technically they’re for boys, but they were so cute! You could just pop the Matte or Rocker wax in your bag and run to the beach or something. Actually, they had a cool texturizing Sea Salt Spray that’s meant to give you beachy hair…


The cocktails were phenomenal. I had 3, just to make sure that I could give you my informed opinion.  The pink one was called ‘Virgin Who Can’t Drive’ which i refused to say on the grounds tat it was incriminating in some way. They were nice enough to give me one anyway. I also managed to collect a fair amount of food while i was there. Trays of stuffed endive, goat cheese smeared crostini, rabcakes, and phyllo dough cups filled with tangy tuna tartare were passed constantly.

Sigh. So delicious…


Once Lou showed up she talked to us about the products, and you could tell that she was really excited about them. She was super friendly, and I got to ask her about the Fudge Urban Miracle Ends treatment (contains argon oil and you rub it into your ends to protect them), as well as how Harry gets his hair like that (she said he has so much natural curl, that they basically just go with it and play it up).

When the party was over I got this gift bag full of goodies. I’m in love with the sea spray, the Iced Raspberry & vanilla Mousse, and the Matte Wax. Actually, the Iced Coconut Hairsray is worth checking out, too. I’m gonna use the Urban Powder Styler on my next photoshot.

You can see more photos from the party here, and you can shop Target for their full product line here.


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