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The Sassy Ethnic Bohemian NYFW aw2014 Giveaway contest winners!


Ok, I have FINALLY made it back to the computer to blog the contest winners. (I did manage to get everything packaged and mailed out on time, though..

The winners are as follows:

First Prize:


Gemma Andrews of Chicago, IL. She answered the three questions and added some extra credit. She REALLY wanted it. (She wanted it soooo bad that she made up a fake email account, lol! I basically got catfished for a giveaway prize. Oh WellHope it was worth it to them).


Hi, My name is Gemma.

Oh my god, I discovered your amazing giveaway and I’m so happy about it! I love your blog and I HOPE it’s not to late to enter! Your so lucky to have gotten some Fashion Week invitations! I’d love to win the third package! What better way to start off a career in fashion writing than with this amazing items!

1. Thomas Meyer founded the company and it is led by Manel Adell. The first piece he designed was a jean jacket patched together out of bits of old jeans!
2. Deborah Needleman is the current EIC and it is connected to The New York Times!
3. WWD is Women’s Wear Daily and it’s first issue was 1910.
***Fingers Crossed***
Good job, Gemma!
Second Prize:
Anjelic Sinova of State Colege, PA was gonna go for 2 prizes… she knew what she wanted and went straight for it.
I’d like to enter the giveaway, I don’t know if we are allowed to answer ALL questions and be entered for a chance at all three prizes but if not I’d really like package 2!

Where is El Voyage coffee grown? Guatemala 

Third Prize:
Jordan Chapman of Atlanta, GA. This one made me feel like Wayne Brady because it was almost a lock- except for not answering part of a question. I’ve never done a giveaway before, so it was really hard to say to someone ‘you didn’t win because of half a question’. But I had to look at real life and think about how not answering half a question could cost you a job in an interview, get you a lower grade on a test,  or keep you from winning a jackpot on a gameshow.
Gemma answered all the questions correctly and also threw in an extra on the Desigual question… So I gave Jordan the third package in recognition of her effort, instead of a ‘zonk’. That half a question made all the difference.

I saw on Lucky Mag that you were hosting this comp, and the offer was too good to pass up!!! I’m just emailing you with the answers to the questions for the first package 🙂 x

1. Who started the Desigual company and what was the first piece that they ever designed?

Thomas Meyer, a denim jacket made from old denim trousers

2. Who is the EIC of  T magazine and what newspaper is it connected to?

Deborah Needleman, Wall Street Journal

3.  What year was the first issue of WWD published and what does ‘WWD’ stand for?

1910, Women’s Wear Daily

I have another post coming up soon that has a giveaway attached, so don’t despair! You may be getting some ‘uplifting’ face cream soon…


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