New product review: The Chuck Chuck bracelets Interchangeable charms

​Just before New York Fashion Week, I got my new ​Chuck Chuck bracelet in the mail.

It’s a leather band that you can snap interchangeable charms onto. You pick the ​band color (yellow, black, red, blue, etc…) and then peruse different ‘chuck’ categories to decorate it with.

I got 6 chucks, and I stuck to a floral motif. I have always favored a grungy/punky style so this actually fit into my aesthetic. It could go with denim jackets, or rough up a pretty dress. I really got into picking my chucks and making the right combination before I felt the house. I ended up wearing my Chuck-Chuck bracelet to Lincoln Center for the Desigual aw 2014 ​runway show, The ​Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, and just to hang around and write up stories.

Yes, I even instagrammed it. Repeatedly. The Chuck-Chuck comes in a black, heavy  plastic case that you can keep your chucks in and it looks cute on your vanity table. The only problem that I had with it was my fault: I lost a chuck from taking my jacket on and off while I was covering NYFW.

An extra added benefit is that you can email artwork to them and they’ll make personalized chuck, god for fundraisers or gifts to those special people in your life. Chuck-chucks for besties!

IMG_20140207_183830The  leather band with 3 chuck-chuck ‘placers’ (like giant snaps), retails for $25.00 and the chucks are $14 to $20 each. However? My readers can get a special FIFTY percent (yes, 50%) discount by using the  coupon code faith1 on the Chuck-Chucks  website.


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