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well, it’s here (NYFW)


I admit, I got a few invitations and I’m gonna go check out that Marc Jacobs social media pop-up shop. I get to go downtown and to Lincoln Center. I get to see new designers at Launch NYC and Nolcha Fashion Week.


I actually got invited to see Desigual’s show- which shocks me (how do they know who I am? ), but I have actually shopped there, so it’s on message for me. I bought a pretty white balloon skirted summer dress in crinkly cotton with grey/silver/beige embroidery. I loved that dress all the way until it was stolen.  My first clothing purchase in NY that was over $100.


Being me, I can’t just go to NYFW, I had to make sure I got my fujifilm camera arranged (an HS50EXR) because yes, I could just use my point and shoot- but…c’mon! And I’ll be providing coverage of my events with said camera for In fact, they just published my interview with Deanna Clark of Fashion Compliance, who has an event coming up on February 6th:

Fashion Protection Flyer SIBL_2014_JAN_22_3

So after all is said and done, even though I’m not a 100% sure that I even belong at something like NYFW, I have a brand to promote, I’m a good writer/photographer, and if people invite me, I’ll show up and write about it. Beyond that, I don’t have any illusions. I’m not a ‘trendsetter’ to myself. I’m a woman who likes nice things and is always looking for ways to express an individual outlook.


Hopefully, that’s good enough for everybody- cuz it’s good enough for me.

Next Monday- The Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!


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