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got my clothes back, beanies with bluetooth, mandela

So first things first? My clothes mysteriously re-appeared. because of course I had just written an itemized bill and was dreaming of the thrifting treasures that could be bought with the money. Now I’m even more ‘fashion eccentric’ because I lost everything and it’s like a new wardrobe after 2 weeks in drab jeans and tshirts.

It’s ok to play 90s girl with flannel and denim once or twice a week, but to be imprisoned in that persona? I’ve moved on. It’s all about mixing patterns and price points and playing the addled dowager every day.


I found out about some fun things and wanted to share.

odlrliveinlove wewoodwatch

1. I got sent some live in love perfume to try and have fallen in love with it. I wear it every single day, and what’s fun is that it’s a purse spray collection? So I got the original, plus two refills. Whatever happens in my life, I am going to smell really good for a long time. The purse collection is $7o (and totally worth it.)

2. This watch is made of wood. It actually works, but it’s made of wood. Everytime you buy a We Wood watch, they plant a tree, too. It’s very lightweight, so you have to get used to that? But it’s really unusual and stylish. This one is $120, and you can see the whole watch collection at

3. There is such  a thing as a Beanie with Bluetooth. You can actually make and receive calls- from your hat. They are actually about to start shipping the 1 Voice Beanie after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Not surprised- they’re only $40

* Nelson Mandela died yesterday. It was really strange, because i had this amazing morning and met a ton of people and was really happy and then I found out. I’m not devastated, but I’m mindful of the fact that life doesn’t last forever so you have to live and breathe your dreams like he did. Live like your life means something- every single day. 1464747_10151906085847893_161832293_n

Nelson Mandela and Naomi Campbell, his honorary grand-daughter


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