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i am sincerely in love with this scarf… AND i got free stuff from Ojon

DSC01377 DSC01411

I was running to work and spied this insanely cute scarf in the window of the Gap. LOVE! Why? The black and white woven pattern is cool enough? but the bright red/orange at the ends is tres chaude. It’s a cheer-up every morning.

The best things come in the mail lately! I got two bottles of hair product from Ojon (and this crazy flashdrive with the product specs on it).  They’from the re the new ‘rare blend’ oil line. I got the rare blend Oil Rejuvenating Therapy (for fragile hair) and the rare bland Oil Moisture Therapy ( for dull, dehydrated hair). They’re both $35, and on sale at Sephora and through the Ojon website.


I found out this week that people are making watches out of wood.  This is an actual thing…



One of my co-workers wearing the cutest little belt from Keggy. I love how the little ruby enamel cubes of the buckle work with her morn print sweater. Adorbs.

I didn’t take any pictures of myself this week. I just didn’t. I have to step my little game up…




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