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Illamasqua comes to Bloomingdales (and I got some cool new lipgloss)

Yesterday I ambled over to the Soho Bloomingdale’s to check out the Illamasqua beauty launch and to see Creative Director Alex Box perform a fantasy makeup transformation.


Kate Spade on the 2nd Floor at Bloomingdale’s Soho

The Master Class was up on the 2nd floor and after checking in, I just ran up there and managed to get a good viewing/photo taking spot. This is Alex’s table, pre-performance.


When she arrived, it was to great fanfare in front of a packed audience of bloggers, and makeup artists and fans. Illamasqua is a hit with people who love theatrical looks.


Creative Director Alex Box and Director of Product Development David Horne.


BJ, who works for Illamasqua, the posters, and a fan in the audience.

I even got a chance to take a photo of Miss Fame NYC of Dark Beauty! I had to stand on a chair, but whatever. This was my David LaChappelle, Interview magazine cover moment:


I am turning into a makeup fan. In the last 2 months I’ve gone out more and gotten so many new products that it’s completely changing my habits. I don’t wear much, but I recognize that a little eyeshadow and mascara, a little lipgloss, can take you a long way. My mom was right.


Wearing my new Illamasqua lipgloss in ‘Lily-Rose‘. 


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