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Fashion Events are always a test of my self-esteem

So last night, as usual, I had no time to change before going to a fashion networking event so I wore this:


DSC00619 DSC00620


I ran in and registered, and as usual, got that fishy eye from the snotty types. The guy at the wine table probably thought I was a wino. But then lightning struck and I ended up meeting someone just like me- rumpled, geeky, and insane. She’s also a really big deal, so it got to be funny cuz we were tearing around working the room and then swooping down on freebies.

I walked out of there with a bunch of business cards, a prosecco/lambrusco buzz, and 4 things of free coconut water (look, if you like coconut water start going to fashion events. it’s everywhere.), and the realization that my dinner had consisted of spicy chocolate treats, wine, and free pasta samples.

Eh. Could be worse.




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